I think or feel and don’t know

Who it is thinking, feeling.

I’m merely the place

Where thinking or feeling is.

(Dr. Ricardo Reis)


Here is a story of someone conjuring the forces that are not to be trifled with.

Here is another one, of someone being forced to participate in an absurd and grotesque theater play against their will.

Here is a story of someone getting deserted, of someone getting lost and wondering through the twilight forest.

Here is a story of someone coming home from a long journey.

Here is a story of someone finding the inner peace.

Different characters. Different places. Seemingly unrelated situation. And there’s always something in common. There’s got to be. Some little thing one could always smuggle from one story into the next in a pocket or under the tongue.

Like an ancient coin, oxidized by thousands of fingerprints, with a face of an old king smoothed down to the almost absolute obscurity by the centuries spent beneath the riverbed.

Like a pocket mirror catching the last gleams of sunlight, with a Victorian era photograph,

embedded into the flower-patterned backside, depicting a woman who turns her face away from the observer.

Like a doorway letting in a sudden gust that sends a flock of paper cranes flying across the room.

Gradually, another sort of narrative emerges as the tapestry of shared minor details unfolds.

Every thing has its own essence, it’s own voice.

The essence of a coin is the multitude of hands that ever touched it.

The essence of a mirror is the multitude of faces it has ever reflected.

The essence of a doorway is the multitude of people who’ve ever passed through it.

And when all the stories have finally been told and all the voices have finally gone silent, the

landscape itself begins to speak.


Legion Live in Us is the ensemble and the collaboration of different artists set to interpret the music of a Russian composer and bass-player Fyodor Stepanov.

This project is dedicated to the songwriting as a form of storytelling, as, perhaps, one of the most ancient forms of art.

The music draws its sonic vocabulary upon a vast array of sources, as diverse as the early XX-es century classical music (in particular, the works of pre-serial Stravinsky and Schoenberg, Charles Ives and the members of Les Six), with a good portion of pop and rock influences and some elements of free-improvised music, although without prescribing itself to any specific genre.

The sources of literary inspiration behind the lyric writing sometimes may range between old

science-fiction novels and the works of magical realism authors.

Every song is a distinct character and, like the heteronyms of Fernando Pessoa (whose poem has lent its title to this project) coexisting under the cover of the same volume of selected poetry, every one of them lives its own life within the time of a concert.


Mette Nadja Hansen   vox

Sölvi Kolbeinsson   alto/clarinet

Joschka Oßke   keys

Danil Zverkhanovsky   guitar

Philip Dornbusch   drums

Fyodor Stepanov   bass/compositions

Datum u. Zeit


Di, 8. Oktober 2019, 20:00





10 Euro

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Hohenzollerndamm 120, 14199 Berlin [Standort]

+49 160 4411 684


Mo - Sa von 11-19 Uhr (Sonn- und Feiertage geschlossen)

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