Konzertreihe 'die vier Jahreszeiten'

Ein tanzender Frühling - Tanz mit Gayageum

‘Die vier Jahreszeiten’ ist unsere neue Konzertreihe in 2020. Die Gayageum schafft das Gefühl jedes Jahreszeiten mit verschiedenen Genres z.B Tanz, Lesung, Sound Art usw. zusammen. Es wird jede Anfang der Jahreszeiten stattfindet. Und zwar an jedem 15. in April / Juli / Oktober / Dezember.

Frühling / Spring: The springing bow of Gayageum Player's right hand can be equivalent to Dancer's movement on the floor, and action of left hand like pressing and vibrating the strings of Gayageum looks like every detailed single gesture of the dancer. YuJin Sung und Hoyoung Im will make a rythmical mood like spring, A DANCING SPRING!

YuJin Sung is korean gayageum player based in Berlin since 2014. Sung is a member of the AsianArt Ensemble, which play contemporary music. Besides she is actively engaged in the experimental music with gayageum in Berlin. She collaborates with many artists while also working on her own more improvised music projects.

Sung plays gayageum in Europe in a variety of forms. And she has been playing many concerts with AsianArt Ensemble or as a solist in Poland, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Sweden, and Switzerand in Europe.

Hoyoung Im is a Performer, Contemporary dance instructor, Musician and Visualizer. He studied Cinema & Theatre, BA of Art in Seoul, South Korea. He is a member of theatre company, ‘Elephant Manbo’ and an art director of art project group, ‘UmZikßi’. As an Actor, Hoyoung has worked with National Theater Company of Korea, Die SUUM theatre company and DO Theater. In 2013, Hoyoung won the award from KUFF as Best Actor. As a Visual Artist, he got a Honorable Mention from Los Angeles Fear and Fantasy Film Festival 2012 with his debut film <Welcome>, which he wrote, directed and played in. He visualized many diverse area: Film, Photo- and Videography and Stage light. As a Musician, he has officially published one Album and one EP. Also as a Sound Designer he has worked with a choreographer Erol Alexandrov, theatre director Anastasija Bräuniger and theatre company Elephant Manbo. As a Contemporary Dance Instructor, he has organized his unique workshop series, <Improvisation: Yin & Yang>, <Eastern Floorwork> and <Momentum in Space> and danced with people in Europe and Asia. Since 2017, he started his career in Berlin, Germany. Inspirations from eastern philosophy; Taoism and Buddhism. Recently he aims to collaborate with other various gerne, rather than the traditional form of performing art. Hoyoung is striving to create the mixing analogue and digital with the sharp theatrical and political questions. Nowadays, he has been teaching many studios, such as Dock 11 Berlin, Papillon Tanz Studios, motion*s Tanz- und Bewegungsstudio, Contemporary Dance School Hamburg, Flow Village Zurich, Tanzbüro Basel, Popa theatre company and Dramastudio Seoul. 


Yujin Sung - Gayageum

Hoyoung Im - Performance


Datum u. Zeit


Mi, 15. April. 2020, 20:00




10 Euro

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Hohenzollerndamm 120, 14199 Berlin [Standort]


Di.-Fr. 11 - 18Uhr 

Sa. 11 - 16Uhr (Mo./So. und Feiertage geschlossen)

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